When a man ejaculates before penetrating his partner or shortly after penetrating his partner, he has experienced what is known as a premature ejaculation. A premature ejaculation is an experience that every man goes through at some point or the other in his life. Premature ejaculations cause both partners to be unsatisfied.

how to stop premature ejaculation

The causes of premature ejaculations are neither clear nor fixed. Premature ejaculations can be caused by different factors or by a combination of factors. Three common causes of premature ejaculations are having sexual intercourse for the first time with someone new or if the man has not ejaculated in a long time or medical causes such as problems with his hormones.

A man and his partner can stop premature ejaculations in several ways. Some methods to stop premature ejaculations include medical treatment while other methods do not. Relaxation or distraction such as having a fully body massage by your partner or a masseuse or meditation is one of the most common and the most used ways to stop premature ejaculations. Eliminating or decreasing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are other helpful ways to stop premature ejaculations.

There are specific techniques that can be performed by a man and his sexual partner that will help to stop premature ejaculations. These techniques normally involve identifying and controlling the sensations that lead to the ejaculation. Sexual positions that limit muscular tension incorporate deep breathing which keeps blood and oxygen circulating can stop premature ejaculation. Some examples of these positions include: as female superior (female on top), side-to-side (spooning) and rear entry (doggy style) when both partners are on their knees.


Certain methods used to stop premature ejaculations are medical. Certain antidepressants most commonly known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are sometimes administered to men to stop premature ejaculation. These antidepressants are all very powerful drugs that can last for quite a while in the body and have numerous potential side effects. It is therefore advisable not to take these antidepressants illegally or without consulting with your doctor.

A well-known method that stops premature ejaculation is the Masters-Johnson method which requires cooperation from both partners. A man’s sexual partner places her hand in such a position on the man’s genitals that her thumb is on one side of the man's genitals while her other fingers, more specifically her index and middle fingers, are on the other side. His sexual partner firmly squeezes his genitals when she knows that he is at the point of ejaculating. This painless process helps to stop premature ejaculation.

Training a man to control his ejaculation will eventually help him to stop premature ejaculation and is commonly achieved by the stop-start technique. With his dry hands, he is required to masturbate alone until he is ready to ejaculate. He then needs to show self-control and stop so that he can start the process all over again for at least two to three times. He can only ejaculate on the last time. He is then allowed to switch from using dry hands to using wet hands which gives him the feeling of having intercourse with his partner. In order to gain control over his ejaculations and to stop premature ejaculations he needs to repeat this process using his wet hands until he masters it.

There are many different sources that can help men stop premature ejaculations such as self-help books, therapists, videos and sex coaches. Premature ejaculations can be stopped resulting in longer lasting sexual satisfaction.

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